Unveiling of the appearance of the Luxembourgish pavilion

Metaform and The Space Factory have been chosen for the conception of the pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai in 2020.

11-pavillonAmong 19 projects submitted, a winner has been chosen out of three shortlisted concepts. The winning project, presented by the architectural office Metaform, centers around an elegant silhouette based on the Möbius strip. The global vision put forward by the Luxemburgish architecture firm and by French scenographers The Space Factory has persuaded the judging panel on the grounds of its total coherence with the theme for the national pavilion, "Resourceful Luxembourg", as well as with the general theme of the Expo, "Connecting minds, creating the future." The same goes for the Expo's three sub-themes, among which the "opportunities" theme is most significant for Luxembourg.

A promising pavilion

The visitors of the spiral-shaped building will get the opportunity to discover the multiple sides of Luxembourg in a playful and ingenious fashion. The varied spaces allow for a wide range of installations: Interactive videos, a livecam, exhibition objects, projections and other elements make for a lively and exciting round tour. The tour ends in an unconventional way, with a toboggan being placed in the patio.

The structure and materials of the pavilion stand out not only by their eye appeal, but also by their ease of reuse which is perfectly in line with the principles of circular economy. In this context, Étienne Schneider comments: "The pavilion illustrates Luxembourg's capacity of reinventing itself as well as our willingness to rely on sustainable growth while respecting the natural resources".

11-pavillon-bisA journey through the five senses

The concept of the Luxembourgish pavilion developed by Metaform and The Space Factory puts forward a discovery of the country through the five innate senses of the human being. Namely:

  • Sight, with the architecture and the projections;
  • Hearing, with the different sounds in the pavilion (as for instance the "Void" in the final exhibition room);
  • Touch, with the tactile sensors and the toboggan;
  • Smell, with the replication of the Mullerthal landscape in the Atrium;
  • Taste, with the restaurant in the pavilion.

Thus, with the selection of the pavilion, the participation of the Grand-Duchy in the Dubai Expo is taking shape and heralds a beautiful discovery space for all those having the privilege of a visit at the World Expo as of October 2020.


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  • Updated 19-04-2017