The Grand Duchy at the Bolzano festival

From 5 to 9 April 2017, the Grand Duchy was the guest at the film festival in Bolzano (Italy).

07-bolzano2The 'Bolzano Film Festival Bozen' has a reputation in cinematographic circles for its privileged dialogue between North and South, and more particularly between Germany and Italy. The programming is highly original, with art-house films – often being screened for the first time – and the languages used, with of course Italian but also German.

The Grand Duchy's cinema scene takes centre stage

Each year the festival welcomes a guest country in its 'Focus Europa' category. And this year, the Grand Duchy was that guest country. As a result, the best of the Grand Duchy's current cinematographic production was presented at the festival, from 5 to 9 April. The Grand Duchy's delegation, made up of Paul Thiltges, Andy Bausch, Frank Feitler, Valérie Bodson and Pasha Rafiy, took part in a number of round-table discussions organised by the festival, where it had an opportunity to meet the heads of the local fund for Innovation, Development and Marketing.

The eight films presented were:

  • Rusty Boys (Paul Thiltges Distributions)
  • Eng nei Zäit (Samsa Film)
  • Foreign Affairs (Les Films Fauves)
  • Song of the Sea (Melusine Productions)
  • Die Nacht der 1000 Stunden (Amour Fou Luxembourg)
  • Mr Hublot (Zeilt Productions)
  • Imparfait du subjectif (Paul Thiltges Distributions)
  • Quenottes (Zeilt Productions)

The festival is held each year in April; prizes are awarded for the best fictional film and for the best documentary, with five prizes presented at the close of the event: prize for the best film, prize for the best documentary, people's choice prize, Euregio students' prize, and lifetime award.


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  • Updated 27-04-2017