Blue Horizon wants to make life in space possible

The new company will operate from Luxembourg

Blue Horizon veut rendre possible la vie dans l'espaceAbout one year ago, Luxembourg announced the creation of a legal framework in order to support the exploitation of space resources by privately owned companies. Since the announcement of this initiative called in February 2016, the Luxembourg Government has multiplied its announcements and actions by inviting companies active in the field of space exploration to Luxembourg. Blue Horizon is going to be a homegrown initiative in the field of space technologies.

The goal: make life in space possible

Half of the company is owned by OHB Venture Capital from Munich, the other half by LuxSpace from Betzdorf. Both are subsidiaries of the German group OHB SE, which is the third largest European company active in the field of space technologies.

According to Marco Fuchs, CEO of OHB SE, the group considers 'great business potential in life sciences in space, which particularly follows OHB's practical approach of engaging in useful space activities that benefit life on Earth.' Which is entirely in Luxembourg's interest, especially as two emerging sectors of Luxembourg's economy find a common ground here: apart from space technologies, the "creation of Blue Horizon in Luxembourg and its efforts to make use of its activities for the benefit of development on Earth and in Space will contribute over time to also consolidate the national biotechnology sector, thus the Luxembourg Minister of the Economy Étienne Schneider.

Blue Horizon's ambition is to allow a form of sustainable life in space. As of 2020, Blue Horizon wants to make life on the moon possible by cultivating plants thanks to the extraction of oxygen from moon rocks. However, Blu Horizon's goals are not limited to Space: the company tries to improve living conditions on Earth as well, i.e. through the restoration of devastated landscapes. In order to reach these objectives of terrestrial and spatial development, Blue Horizon will make use of technologies and methods from the domain of life sciences.

(Source: press release from the Ministry of the Economy)

  • Updated 10-04-2017