Plurimédia study - digital is booming

The audiovisual press is still leading the field for consumption use.

04-plurimediaIn the Grand Duchy, the major traditional media still dominate the media landscape. But people are reading the paper press much less, while digital consumption continues to forge ahead. This is the conclusion of the recent TNS Ilres Plurimédia study. 

According to this survey, which provides information on media users - press, radio, television, cinema, advertising leaflets and the Internet - the daily newspaper Luxemburger Wort is read by 153,800 people every day. That's 32% of the population. The figure is impressive, but lower than in 2016 (33%). The Tageblatt newspaper is in the same position. In 2016 it still had 44,000 readers, but the figure has fallen to 42,100 in 2017. The daily newspapers Le Quotidien with 24,000 readers (25,500 in 2016) and Zeitung vum Lëtzebuerger Vollek with 1,900 readers (2,300 in 2016) have also lost readers since last year. The Lëtzebuerger Journal is the only daily newspaper to have increased its circulation, which has risen from 6,700 to 7,900 readers per day in the space of a year. 

The beginning of the digital revolution

Faced with the dematerialisation of the press, digital daily newspapers are becoming increasingly popular. According to the survey, the online version of the Luxemburger Wort has increased its readership from 14,400 (2016) to 14,700 (2017). The electronic version of the Tageblatt has also seen its readership increase from 2,600 to 3,400 in the space of a year, and the digital version of the Quotidien has increased its readership by 700, reaching the figure of 2,200 in 2017. 

With the speedy penetration of high-speed Internet, the digital revolution has not been slow to happen on the Internet. And it is here that RTL dominates the field by a long way. In 2017, the Internet site at received a daily average of 143,100 visits; the Internet site of L’Essentiel had 87,500 visits, and the site of the Luxemburger Wort had 86,900. 

Faced with this digital revolution in the media, the audiovisual press, which is still making progress, leads the field for consumption use. The survey adds that it is again RTL that dominates the field. In 2017, RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg has 186,000 listeners every day (183,200 in 2016). The second most popular radio station is Eldoradio with 116,300 listeners, having made progress since 2016 (110,600 listeners), followed by RTL Radio in German with 40,000 listeners, an increase of 3,600 since 2016. Radio socio-culturelle has progressed from 26,600 to 27,200 listeners in 2017. Radio Latina and Radio Ara are the only radio stations to have lost any of their audience. 


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  • Updated 07-04-2017