Eurostat forecasts a population of more than 1 million for the Grand Duchy in 2080

The figures have been revised downwards, but they are still impressive

1 million d'habitants en 2061According to Eurostat, the statistics office of the European Communities, the population of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will probably reach 1,066,377 in 2080. Compared with previous projections, the update forecasts a lower migration balance, with a corresponding effect on the population figures: 1,287,296 inhabitants in the 2013 projection, compared with 1,066,377 in 2017. The threshold of one million inhabitants will probably be exceeded between 2061 and 2062.

Migration balance at the origin of the change

The fact that the population is constantly increasing is a sign of the quality of life in the Grand Duchy; it is not exclusively caused by an increase in the number of Luxembourgish nationals. It is in fact the positive migration balance that is largely responsible for the change. The number of new arrivals in the Grand Duchy has been more than 10,000 every year since 2011. Although the balance is forecast to fall from +11,159 in 2015 to +3,469 in 2080, it is expected to continue to contribute to the move towards a population of more than one million.

According to the latest population projections from Eurostat, the population of the Grand Duchy will continue to increase, exceeding the level of one million inhabitants in 2061 or 2062. In 2080 (the final year of the projection), the country's population is expected to reach 1,066,377. On 1 January 2016, there were 576,249 residents in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The increase in the population would therefore be in the order of 85% in rather less than 65 years.

The population of the European Union is expected to remain roughly the same (+1.7%). 15 countries are even likely to see their populations decline between 2016 and 2080; they include Germany (-5.3%) and Italy (-11.5%). It is in Lithuania that the reduction is expected to be the most marked (-42.6%).

(Source: STATEC press release)
  • Updated 07-04-2017