Visit Luxembourg

First sectorial version of the brand identity

27-visitluxembourgLuxembourg for Tourism GIE has become the first sector organisation to adopt Luxembourg’s new visual identity and to incorporate it into its communication tools. Its individual brand, Visit Luxembourg, has successfully integrated all the visual features of the country’s brand identity while maintaining its own personality to match its positioning.

Arrows as a sector identifier

Two-directional arrows in red and blue are central to Luxembourg’s visual brand identity. United in the form of an 'X' in the word Luxembourg, they express dynamism and openness – but also stability.

Each version of the brand identity adopted by an individual sector will be based on one of these arrows standing alone. The arrow, then, becomes the key visual recognition element in communication by the sector. For tourism, a special case, a red arrow has been chosen to symbolise the emotional component it embodies. The symbol underpins the core message on which the Visit Luxembourg communication is based: 'Live your Unexpected Luxembourg'. In all marketing materials, the tip of the red arrow will always point in the same direction: that of the original visual identity.

As the core element of its identity, the tourism sector’s new logo consists of the name Visit Luxembourg, always accompanied by the X symbol, positioned here to its right, evoking a kind of magic star that promises an enchanted adventure ...

(Source: Comité de coordination Inspiring Luxembourg)

  • Updated 26-04-2017