Luxembourg at the centre of a European supercomputer network

The Smart Nation comes to Luxembourg at 1,000,000,000,000,000 operations per second.

Luxembourg will develop by 2018 a HPC (High Performance Computer) with the power of one petaflop/second, which corresponds to 1,000,000,000,000,000 operations per second. In this context, on 23 March 2017, the Minister of the Economy Étienne Schneider signed the declaration of European cooperation in the context of 'High Performance Computing' (HPC). This marked the official start of the collaboration between the signatory countries (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal) which join forces to implement the strategy of a European HPC network, of which the Grand Duchy was the initiator.

The project had been announced at the European Data Forum 2015 in Luxembourg. Its aim is to complement the European supercomputing network to the benefit of industry 4.0, i.e. the digitisation of business and production processes, and research. Indeed, the European Commission confirmed its support of the project with significant financial resources, which shows how it is considered necessary for the EU to catch up in the field of HPC: Currently, the list of top 10 supercomputers in the world is dominated by the US and China.

As part of this project, applications will be developed in favour of the concept of a 'smart nation': the idea is that HPC capacities can be used to improve everyday life and boost the economy. The areas under consideration are fintech, space management, mobility, energy, construction, water management, urban management, agriculture, and fourth-generation industrial production.

In the Grand Duchy, the Ministry of the Economy, Luxinnovation and the Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST) have been tasked with heading the project — a distinction for the Grand Duchy.

(Source: press release by the Ministry of the Economy, article written by the editorial team of the portal www.luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 30-03-2017