'100,7 Radio-Präis 2017': a third edition filled with great expectations!

The most recent edition of the fiction radio programs awards of the Luxembourg station "100,7" has just been launched.

23-radioIt's been 3 years that this award rewards the most original fiction program to be aired on radio. It's a one of a kind award for Luxembourg and the Greater Region. This year it is themed around great expectations: a broad topic which can be approached in various ways and literary genres, like science-fiction, polar, documentary or even satire.  

Who is eligible to participate?

The contest is open for all the authors and creators of the Grand Duchy and the Greater Region. The participants are free to work as a team or solo, but only one manuscript is accepted.

Deadlines and restrictions

The projects are to be entered by the 1st October 2017 at 6 p.m. via e-mail to:

The projects need to have some link to the reality of Luxembourg and its surrounding while being inspired by questions like "What can we expect of tomorrow's medicine?", "Will man be replaced by artificial intelligence?" or "Will our western societies still make sense in the future?".

Finally, they will need to be in between 3.500 and 6.200 words, be at least 25 minutes long and be written in either Luxembourgish, French, German or English.

Award and Jury

The winner of the contest will be rewarded 3.500 € and his project will be aired on the radio station "100,7" if possible. The prize will be awarded this upcoming fall.

The jury, headed by Claude Mangen, is composed by 5 independent professionals of "Radio 100,7": Astrid Alexandre, Olivier Garofalo, Anette Kührmeyer, Carole Lorang and Sébastian Thiltges.


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  • Updated 24-03-2017