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Spring fair rises from its ashes

10-springbreakFrom 22 to 26 March, a breath of fresh air will be blowing through the halls at Luxexpo, which have been renamed "Luxexpo The Box". In addition to a change in identity for the site, the traditional spring fair has also had a thorough makeover. As it was felt to be out-of-date and lacking in momentum - the concept has been totally reworked. The new fair, renamed SPRINGBREAK LUXEMBOURG, will now last five days, rather than nine days as in the past. And it's being held earlier in the season.

The aim of the new identity is to better match the new realities of the market, according to the organisers. The "new spring fair" is indeed bang up to date. SPRINGBREAK LUXEMBOURG will be welcoming visitors with a host of events, including a spring circus, DJs, food trucks, coffee and wine bars, and a vintage market.

Previous editions of the fair have suffered from a falling-off in attendance, but the new SPRINGBREAK ought to recover the popular dimension of this event for the general public.

A different way to visit the fair

The watchword is clear and straightforward: earlier, more compact, more intense. According to the organisers, the date has been chosen to broaden the range of participants and enable them to present all their new items before the start of the season. SPRINGBREAK will be a venue for festivities, surprises and novelties of all kinds, based on a solid, compact programme. 

The 2017 edition will be full of surprises and novelties. 150 hours of fun, relaxation and discoveries, 41 bands and singers, 250 pop-up stores as well as bars, restaurants and terraces over an area of almost 43,000 sq.m. That's what the organisers are offering - indeed promising - from midday to midnight, for five days.

Luxexpo is banking on this makeover to expand its public - the emphasis is on a more cosmopolitan concept. SPRINGBREAK LUXEMBOURG is in line with this deliberately international approach, which is why English is being used in communication for the event", says Jean-Michel Collignon, Luxexpo's CEO.

(article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 20-03-2017