Are Luxembourgers frequent taxi users?

Going by the recent study by TNS Ilres, people living in Luxembourg City are the most frequent taxi users.

09-taxisThe Luxembourgish survey and opinion poll institute TNS Ilres has just published the results of a study of the transport habits of Luxembourgers carried out in February 2017, with particular regard to taxis.

The residence area has an influence on taxi use.

The study shows that on average 30% of residents take a taxi at least once a year, and three-quarters of that number live in Luxembourg City. Only 26% of people who live in towns in the southern part of the Grand Duchy take a taxi at least once a year; the figure for the northern part of the country is 17%, and for the east 14%. This shows that taxi use varies considerably depending on the user's residence area. In all, the rate of taxi use is 48% Which means that more than half the population of the Grand Duchy never take a taxi!

Public transport is more popular

It's not surprising, given that the Grand Duchy is one of the countries with the highest ratios of cars per capita. And the Government, which is committed to promoting sustainable mobility, encourages the population to use public transport and gentle mobility, with a comprehensive and constantly evolving network of buses, urban bike hire, and the future creation of a tram route. Public transport is free on the occasion of certain events.


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  • Updated 13-03-2017