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Luxembourg City, 3rd most attractive capital in terms of employment

According to an Airinc study, Luxembourg City is in the top 3 of the most attractive cities for jobseekers .

08-citiesindexAirinc, an american company specialised in international mobility, has just published a Global 150 cities Index (GCI) in which Luxembourg City positions itself in 3rd place. It is a ranking of 150 of the top global locations according to local salary levels, tax rates, living costs and living conditions – where Luxembourg City achieves an excellent third position.

Luxembourg City offers great employment opportunities

The study is based on facts gathered from over 400 cities worldwide. The Index is led by Zurich, followed by Geneva and Luxembourg City. Two major criteria have been considered for the Index: Financial Metrics account for 60% of the GCI and Lifestyle Metrics for the remaining 40%. Luxembourg City has excellent numbers with regards to the Financial Metrics (salary level, taxes, cost of living, etc.) where it places itself in 7th position. The capital cities of our neighbouring countries aren't as well placed in the GCI, with Brussels in 29th and Paris in 32nd position respectively.

Human resources have become key elements in the success and the competitiveness of businesses, and the numbers of employees being hired from abroad are constantly rising, be it in Luxembourg or in other countries.

So it is a great privilege and satisfaction for the Grand-Duchy that its capital is in 3rd position of this international ranking, set by one of the leading american companies in the field of international and cross border mobility.

It should be noted that a different survey, published by InterNations, confirmed this new index: Luxembourg, 14th best country for expat families. As a matter of fact, among 191 countries included in this study, Luxembourg places itself in the top 20 thanks to its quality of living and to the quality of job opportunities.


(article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 20-03-2017