Digital Economy & Society Index 2017: Luxembourg among the best

The Grand Duchy, competitive in e-commerce

06-digita- economyThe European Commission annually publishes a report on the digital economy and society:lDigital Economy & Society Index (DESI). The DESI is a composite index measuring progress of EU countries towards a digital economy and society. It is composed of five principal policy areas: Connectivity; Human capital; Use of internet; Integration of digital technology; Digital public services.

Luxembourg is a "High performing country"

The Grand Duchy holds 5th spot of the 28 member states of the European Union.  Luxembourg is part of the 9 EU member states which the European Commission considers to be "High performing countries", along with Finland, Sweden,The Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Estonia.

Luxembourg is one of the leading countries in the matters of connectivity, digital skills and usage of the internet whereas the integration of digital technology in businesses and public services still requires some improvement.

Luxembourg holds 2nd place in the areas of connectivity and human capital. This is explained by the fact that Luxembourg has reached a very high level of broadband network and 4G coverage. Furthermore, Luxembourg has a high percentage of persons with advanced digital skills, and leads the stats regarding the number of surfers with at least basic digital skills also, the country has a lot of ICT specialists. Regarding the use of internet, Luxembourg positions itself at 3rd place of 28 member states. The Luxembourg surfers browse the internet for various purposes (news, music and videos) and carry out numerous transactions (bank, purchases) on line. As for the integration of digital technology and the digital public services, the disappointing result is mainly due to the fact that few SME's in Luxembourg offer e-commerce and that the public services only just have begun to offer more and more services through an online platform.

 (article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 12-03-2017