Quality of life

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - one of the best countries for family life

According to a recent study by InterNations, the Grand Duchy ranks as the 14th most favourable country for expats to live in with their family.

03-expatWhen people who have decided to leave their own country have to choose a country to live in with their family, they have to consider a number of criteria, including the quality of family life.

The Grand Duchy continues to attract expats

InterNations carried out a study at the end of January 2017 which ranks countries according to five sub-indexes based on 43 different criteria that make countries conducive to living there as an expat family, depending on the quality of life they are able to offer. In the overall ranking, because of its job opportunities, its pleasant environment and the high quality of the health and education services it provides, the Grand Duchy ranks 17th out of 191 countries analysed; 14 300 expats were interviewed for the study.

Looking more closely at the 'family life' criterion, the Grand Duchy is again in the forefront, ranking 14th out of 45 countries analysed. For inclusion in this ranking, there must have been at least 31 expat interviewees living there with a dependent family. The Grand Duchy's neighbours are also well-placed in the ranking - 9th position for Belgium, 10th position for Germany, and 11th position for France.

The study also points out that although the Grand Duchy is not a leader in terms of availability of childcare services, it is one of the best for family well-being and child safety.

The new InterNations study confirms the trend in the Grand Duchy's power to attract expats. The country ranked among the ten destinations worldwide that were most favoured by expats in August 2016. The two major advantages quoted by expats were again safety and employment.


(Article written by the editorial team of the 'luxembourg.lu' portal / Source: World Economic Forum)

  • Updated 06-03-2017