The company of the future

The 11th edition of the "Journée de l’Économie" will try to determine the business model of the future.

02-journee-economieDisruptive technologies, innovative companies or the "uberisation" of traditional sectors or start-ups, in these constantly evolving times, result in the word "transition" being the new normal and companies start questioning their current business models. Digital upheavals are a daily occurrence and the question is when established companies will see their model and products affected by the disruption.

The Journée de l’Économie

The third industrial revolution has deeply impacted the economic framework in the production chain, in the marketing of products and the development of goods and services. The digital transformation, the decentralisation of production and the scarcity of resources have favouredthe rise of new players like the start-ups, who usually are better adapted to the status quo of today.

How will the established companies adjust themselves to the sharing economy?? And how will digital transformation drive the future of manufacturing? In an attempt to find answers to thes questions and to discuss the future of the companies the Journée de l’Économie, with the slogan "The Company of the Future", will take place at the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg on 2 March.

The morning session will be the opportunity for experts and practitioners to discuss , the themes of innovation and the sharing economy. The Minister of the Economy, Etienne Schneider, will use the opportunity to discuss recommendations and implementation of the Rifkin Report and the Third Industrial Revolution in Luxembourg.

The afternoon will host, four parallel sessions that will allow participants to deep-dive into specific and concrete subjects around tomorrow's companies. The major themes of the afternoon will becyber security, working environment in the 21st century, themanagement of human resources and the Industry 4.0.

Organised since 2006 by the Ministry of Economy, the Chambre of Commerce of Luxembourg and the FEDIL – The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry – (Fédération des industriels luxemboourgeois) along with PwC Luxembourg, the Journée de l’Économie has become a reference, bringing together decision-makers in the private and public sectors, of Luxembourg and the Grand Region, to discuss the major economic challenges ahead.


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  • Updated 03-03-2017