Equal opportunities

Education - no gender gap in the Grand Duchy

The country's equal opportunities policy is paying off - in 2016, the Grand Duchy improved its score in the Global Gender Gap report.

27-genderIn the Global Gender Gap report 2016 produced by the World Economic Forum, the Grand Duchy achieves an overall score of 0.734 points, on a scale from 0 (absence of parity) to 1 (full parity). This puts the Grand Duchy in 34th place among the 144 countries analysed in the study. Over the past ten years, the Grand Duchy has followed a positive trend: its score has improved by 0.067 points and it has climbed 22 places up the ranking.

In drawing up its report, the World Economic Forum measures progress achieved in terms of parity of men and women in four areas, namely:

  • educational attainment;
  • health and survival;
  • economic participation and opportunity;
  • political empowerment.

The 2016 report shows that there are still enormous differences in opportunities for men and women around the world.

The Grand Duchy is a model student in terms of education!

In the Grand Duchy, there is no gender gap in the education sector. In the categories literacy rate, and enrolment in primary, secondary and tertiary education, the Grand Duchy achieves a perfect score of 1, putting it at the top of the ranking. The Grand Duchy has managed to totally eradicate gender inequality in terms of education. The situation is much the same in the field of health and survival, where there is almost no difference between men and women.

It is also evident that since 2006 the Grand Duchy has made considerable progress, above all in the field of economic participation and opportunity. Ten years ago, the Grand Duchy was still in 76th place, with a score of 0.560 points. It is currently in 27th place, with 0.750 points. The Grand Duchy also achieved a near-perfect score of 0.999 points for the economic indicator of estimated earned income.

The area in which the gender gap is the widest in the Grand Duchy is political empowerment. With a score of 0.395 for the 'women in parliament' indicator, 0.364 for 'women in ministerial positions' and 0.000 points for the 'years with female head of State' indicator, the Grand Duchy achieves an overall score of just 0.212 points, which places it just below the overall average for the report (0.233 points). So there's still plenty of room for improvement.


(article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 06-03-2017