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Survey of the financial needs of a family in the Grand Duchy

STATEC presents its benchmark budget

Budget de référenceThis is Jean and Marie, and their two children, Lis and Theo - STATEC's model family. They need 3,935 euros per month, according to a benchmark budget - this corresponds to the net amount they need to be able to live decently in the Grand Duchy. At least that's the conclusion reached by STATEC, the national institute of statistics, in a recently published study giving details of what this model household needs financially to be able to take an active part in society in the Grand Duchy.

A benchmark budget of this kind should not be confused with the budget of a real family. This is because the method applied considers a hypothetical budget for a model family presenting a number of specific characteristics.

Thus a couple with two children is deemed to need 3,935 euros per month on condition that it rents its home in a small town in the Grand Duchy and uses public transport for most of its travel.

The budget is divided into nine separate 'baskets', one for each aspect of the family's life. According to the study, the largest areas of expenditure in the household's budget are accommodation (1,469 euros), food (883 euros), and social life (548 euros). The next most important items in the family's budget are mobility (406 euros if the household has a car), clothing (231 euros), the children's requirements (222 euros), personal hygiene (120 euros) and health (45 euros), and lifelong learning (11 euros).

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu / Source: STATEC, 'Regards' no. 4/2017)

  • Updated 06-03-2017