The ORT Guttland opens its doors

The ORT works together with 20 municipalities of the region.

09-AnsembourgAfter its creation in May 2016, the new Regional Tourist Board (Office régional de tourisme, ORT) has now officially opened its doors to the public. This new office dedicated to the promotion of tourism and cultural heritage of the region complements the network of existing regional offices. The ORT 'Guttland', the fifth of such offices in Luxembourg, works together with 20 municipalities from the region, two tourist initiatives as well as associations and companies which are active in the tourist sector. It covers the West and the centre of the country, excluding Luxembourg City, which has its own tourist board, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO). It spreads from the municipality of Wahl in the north, up to Mamer and Dippach in the south, to include Mersch, Schuttrange and Weiler.

The visual identity combines the characteristics and strong values of the region. The graphical element is a windmill which contains the four typical colours of the region. Yellow represents the sandy soil, blue the rivers, green the nature and grey the region's historical heritage.

'Guttland', a lush region

The other regional tourist boards each have their own point of attraction. The Mullerthal is 'Luxembourg's Little Switzerland', the Moselle has its wines and the South its industrial heritage. The 'Guttland' region has chosen 'Slow Tourism' as its own unique feature. It thus gives priority to soft mobility, touring on cycling paths which run along the Valley of the Seven Castles. It promotes bucolic walks through the villages nestled in the quiet and unspoilt landscapes that stretch to the villages of Mamer and Goeblange, which are steeped in Roman history and whose baths and a Roman farm stand witness.

These charming landscapes can also be discovered by trying the local produce and by attending the many cultural events. One of the missions of the ORT 'Guttland' is to increase the visibility of the region as a tourist destination. 

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  • Updated 24-01-2018