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The Grand Duchy - a more expensive place to live than its neighbouring countries

According to the Xpatulator study, the Grand Duchy is the 43rd country in the world for expats in terms of cost of living.

02-xpatulatorAccording to the Xpatulator study, the Grand Duchy is one of the most expensive countries in the world in terms of cost of living for expats. In the latest edition, published in January 2017, the Grand Duchy has risen to 43rd place, from 47th place in April 2016. Its neighbours are further down the list: 56th place for Belgium, 67th place for Germany, 80th place for the Netherlands, and 83rd place for France.

The Xpatulator study compares about 200 goods and services usually used by expats. It compares the level of prices (including VAT and other taxes) in several hundred towns and countries all over the world. The study covers the cost of food products, restaurant meals, transport, cultural activities, furnishings, and expenditure in respect of health, education and communication.

Vegetables are more expensive in the Grand Duchy than in the USA.

The statistical analysis has to be interpreted very carefully, however. The study shows, for example, that transport in the Grand Duchy is among the most expensive anywhere in the world. And it is true that, compared to India, a ticket costs 100.4% times more in the Grand Duchy. But the difference in standard of living in the two countries no doubt explains the huge difference. The study also shows that clothing, furnishings and interior decoration, household appliances and even vegetables are more expensive than in other countries. Vegetables, for example, cost 22.8% more in the Grand Duchy than in the USA.

In terms of cities, Luxembourg ranks 92nd, behind Zurich in 5th place, Geneva in 6th place , London in 34rd place, and Paris in 53rd place. Amsterdam (103rd place), Brussels (109th place) and Frankfurt (112nd place) are all considered less expensive than Luxembourg for expats.

The study also considers the Grand Duchy to be one of the places where expats have least difficulty adapting and integrating ('minimal hardship location').


(article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 08-02-2017