Cluster for creative industries launched in the Grand Duchy

A new link in the cluster network

Lancement du Creative Industries ClusterGame programmers, film producers, designers and all other creative professionals in the Grand Duchy will now be able to get together in one place to talk things over, try out their ideas, and find investors and support. They will find all the support they need for their work, whether they are start-ups or established businesses. The name of the place is the Creative Industries Cluster, and it was presented on 31 January 2017 by the Ministry of the Economy.

A forum for creative jobs

The aim of this new cluster, aimed at professionals in the creative industry, is to support the economic development of the sector, which includes activities such as architecture, art, film-making, design, gaming, marketing and communication, fashion design and the new media.

There are nearly 2,200 businesses active in the field of the creative industries in the Grand Duchy, employing more than 6,300 people. In addition to the direct economic value they produce, the creative industries play an important role in the development of innovation.

The cluster serves as a platform for exchanges. It is essentially a grouping of private- and public-sector stakeholders who have joined forces in order to identify and develop new collaborative projects at a national, European or international level and to increase the visibility of technological and scientific know-how in the Grand Duchy.

Two projects launched by the Government were presented at the event:

  • a call for projects on 'Design Challenge – Luxembourg Objects', to find an attractive, functional product embodying the Grand Duchy's many strong points and facets. The challenge is to come up with a useful object with high recognition value that stands out as being uniquely Luxembourgish;
  • a call for projects to produce a promotional medium in the form of a short animated film conveying the values and profile of the Grand Duchy.
Detailed information on taking part in these two calls for projects can be viewed on the public procurement portal.

The Luxembourg Cluster Initiative

The Luxembourg Cluster Initiative was founded in 2002 as a key element in national policy on research and development. So it's not surprising that the initiative is headed by the national agency for innovation and research, Luxinnovation.

The cluster's members are private businesses, sector-based or nation-wide associations and federations, public actors as well as public research organisations and strategic partners, namely the ministries concerned and the National Research Fund (Fonds national de recherche, FNR).

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  • Updated 07-02-2017