Luxembourg City has a population of 114,090

Luxembourg City has just released its annual figures for the population living in the capital.

30-vdlAccording to Mayor Lydie Polfer, the city currently has a population of more than 114,000; there are rather more men than women (51.19% and 48.81%). In the past year, the population of Luxembourg City has increased by nearly 3,600! That's an increase of 3.25% compared with the previous count.

The Grand Duchy is a welcoming place

Once again, the figures point to the multicultural nature of the Grand Duchy, with 167 nationalities present in the capital city, where there are more than 80,700 foreigners and more than 33,300 residents with Luxembourgish nationality. The top three nationalities of foreign residents living in Luxembourg City are: French, representing more than 17% of the population, Portuguese, representing more than 11%, and Italian (6.9%). Thus, the proportions are not the same as for the total population in the Grand Duchy - in Luxembourg City, French nationals are predominant. In contrast, Portuguese nationals have a larger presence in the Grand Duchy generally, accounting for about 37% of all foreign nationals. It is worth noting that, of the 24 districts of Luxembourg City, the district with the highest proportion of Luxembourgish residents is Cents, and the district with the highest proportion of foreign residents is the Gare.

This continues to reinforce the Grand Duchy's characteristic multinational and multicultural environment. The country stands out as a place for exchanges, encounters, and dialogue. 

At the same time, the Mayor also presented the 2016 figures for Luxembourg City's civil registry. These showed that, last year, there had been three times as many births as deaths, and 947 marriages and PACS partnerships (including 38 same-sex unions) had been celebrated.  


(article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 04-05-2018