The Grand Duchy is in good health

The Grand Duchy's health system is considered the best in the world.

27-santeAccording to the latest figures published in the Legatum Prosperity Index report, the Grand Duchy's health system is the best in the world. According to the ranking in the study, the Grand Duchy takes first place, ahead of Singapore and Switzerland.

The Grand Duchy is the second richest country in the world, after Qatar, on the basis of per capita gross domestic product (GDP). Of the two most prosperous countries in the world, however, the Grand Duchy leads the United Arab Emirates for its health system, since Qatar ranks only in 15th place.

The London-based think tank produces an annual assessment of the level of prosperity of countries all over the world, according to nine different criteria: economic quality, business environment, governance, education, health, safety and security, personal freedom, social capital and natural environment.

The Grand Duchy ranks 12th for prosperity

Of the 149 countries analysed, the Grand Duchy takes 12th place in the general ranking, which is headed by New Zealand, Norway and Finland. The report also shows that the Grand Duchy offers the best quality in the health field of all the countries analysed, ahead of Singapore in second place and Switzerland in third place. The Grand Duchy's neighbours are less well placed: Germany ranks 10th, just ahead of Belgium in 11th place and France in 14th place.

In determining the health index, the analysts took three factors into consideration: basic physical and mental health, health infrastructures, and preventative healthcare.

And the Grand Duchy, a country in which life expectancy is 82 years, leads the field not only in terms of well-being. According to the report, the Grand Duchy also ranks first in terms of personal freedom, ahead of Canada and New Zealand. The Grand Duchy also excels in the fields of safety and security (2nd place) and natural environment (3rd place).

Although these are excellent results, it should also be said that the Grand Duchy is less well placed according to the indicators for social capital (23rd place), education (27th place) and business environment (29th place).

(article written by the editorial team of the portal – Source: Legatum Prosperity Index)

  • Updated 07-02-2017