Languages – you'll want to learn how to write Luxembourgish

Luxembourgish spelling in 8 videoclips.

Do you recall grammar and spelling classes at school? It was rarely an exciting experience which awakened your passion for a given language. That's why the Ministry of National Education has decided to tackle the spelling of the Luxembourg language in an unconventional way — with a varied, playful and captivating media campaign and reminiscent of Luxembourg masterpieces of artistic creation.

Do you know the Eifel rule?

The context is simple: since the advent of new media, written Luxembourgish has been experiencing unparalleled growth. Be it on Facebook, Whatsapp or via SMS; the Luxembourgish language is much more frequently used on the social networks and in new communication technologies than it was in the traditional media. However, the Luxembourgish language is taught very little in the country's schools and, as a consequence, its rules are known very little.

However, even if there is a demand for knowledge about the correct spelling of Luxembourgish, few people actually do have the time to visit classes on a regular basis. Hence the idea to make known to as wide an audience as possible some of the basic rules of Luxembourgish.

The ministry has chosen to address this demand while avoiding to cram everything into school syllabi, or applying 'red pen pedagogy'. The result is a motivating communication campaign aimed at the general public, prompting the correct use of Luxembourgish. A number of broadcast channels — public space, website, Facebook, Twitter — were chosen according the ability to reach the public where Luxembourgish is used the most.

Quotes from the cultural heritage

'D'Keess op an d'Klacken eraus!' Who in Luxembourg's population remembers the movie Troublemaker by Luxembourgish director Andy Bausch, starring his preferred actor Thierry van Werveke? Or the song 'Ech sinn de groussen Hexemeeschter', from the national poet Edmond de la Fontaine? These are two examples of videos, which are going to be followed up by six more in the coming weeks.

The media campaign being launched is available in the form of posters and video clips starring exemplary quotes from the Luxembourg cultural heritage (literature, movies, music ...). A website,, has been set up to allow exploration of the topic through the presentation of more examples and a selection of 15 spelling rules.

So stay aware: the ministry publishes 2 new videos every week!

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal / Source: press release by MENEJ)

  • Updated 31-01-2017