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The national beer can be savoured in Shanghai

A Luxembourg expat family in China are serving a national beer, Bofferding, in their local restaurants.

Bofferding en ChineEnthusiasts of national beer can also be found outside of Luxembourg! The Lau family, Luxembourg expats in China since the 70's, have been selling the famous product from the Luxembourg national brewery in the country ever since their move. As of 2007, the King Mang Group, an organisation currently employing over 2,700 people and owned by the Lau family, serves Bofferding in more than 26 of its high end restaurants.

The Jade Mansion awarded a Star by the Michelin Guide

In September 2016, the renowned gastronomic Michelin Guide published its first Chinese edition dedicated entirely to Shanghai. The Jade Mansion, run by the King Mang Group, is among the restaurants which have been rewarded with a Michelin star. The CEO of the national brewery, Mr George M. Lentz, is clearly pleased: 'It's a huge pleasure to see the long-standing association between our two family businesses being rewarded and recognised in this way.'

The national beer continues to grow on the Chinese market

Since the end of 2012, Bofferding has been selling in over 20 Chinese supermarkets. This has been made possible by the agreement signed between the national brewery and the Beijing Hualian Group investment holding company Co Ltd (BHG), which is one of the biggest retailers on the Asian market, with representations in 40 cities and 23 provinces. Contrary to the Greater Region, where Bofferding beer is very popular, in China it still is considered extravagant.

Enjoy a nice cold Bofferding on the shores of the Yellow Sea!

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 25-01-2017