Industry invites itself into the Grand Duchy's schools

HelloFuture, the project for increasing awareness of jobs in the industry in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, was launched on 12 January 2017.

18-hellofutureThe aim of the HelloFuture project launched at the start of 2017 is to promote jobs in industry and technology among young people (at every level of study) in the Grand Duchy. The purpose in connecting schools and industry is to rejuvenate the image of the sector which, let's not forget, represents more than 100,000 jobs in the Grand Duchy.   

In the words of the FEDIL's President,

"Industry is our future - young people are our future. We are made to move forward together." - a benchmark website

To encourage young people to consider a job in the industrial and technological sector, the programme offers a number of tools - including a dedicated website at - containing offers of internships in the sector, easing the process of communication between students and businesses. Visitors will even be able to find: entertaining corporate videos, eye-witness accounts, information on the history of industry, and lots of other explanations and advice.   

A widely publicised project

At the same time, so that the project goes viral, a large-scale communication campaign has been rolled out in the press and on the social networks, with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin. The dynamic, quirky campaign is aimed more particularly at young people aged between 14 and 30. A roadshow will be visiting forty secondary school around the Grand Duchy in 2017 and 2018, presenting the industrial sector to the pupils. A teacher's educational kit has also been put together so that the awareness campaign can be continued in the classroom.

In a flourishing, fast-changing world that is tending towards hyper-industrialisation, industry in the Grand Duchy has been reinventing itself, particularly by making use of digital resources, and needs the country's young talent to contribute to its development.

The HelloFuture programme is an initiative of the High Committee for Industry. It has the backing of the Luxembourg Government, the FEDIL, the Chamber of Commerce and Luxinnovation.


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  • Updated 23-01-2017