What is the Klimabank (climate bank)?

It isn't a bank, for a start! Or rather not quite, although its name could give rise to some confusion. Here we explain to you what the 'Klimabank an nohaltegt Wunnen' is.

The 'climate bank and sustainable housing' package (Klimabank an nohaltegt Wunnen), promoting sustainable low-energy housing, has just been adopted at the start of 2017, together with four separate but complementary measures, including the Klimabank.

The package includes:

  • the 'PRIMe House' system already in place, which provides aid for sustainable building and energy efficiency improvement; This has been revised to take more account of sustainable materials.
  • the Klimabank, or climate bank – although it is not really a bank but a system of financial aid – includes a 'climate loan' at a reduced interest rate, and another loan, at zero interest, The aim of this financial system is to promote sustainable energy efficiency renovation and to prevent energy insecurity.

→ These two types of aid can be combined (subject to certain conditions) in the case of energy efficiency renovation work: 'PRIMe House' aids + Klimabank loans;

  • the LENOZ law, 'Letzebuerger Nohaltegkeets-Zertifikat fir Wunngebaier', which is an assessment (not compulsory) certifying the sustainability of new housing; It should be noted that owners may receive financial assistance from the Government to have this assessment carried out (between 750 and 1,500 euros).
  • lastly, a one-stop shop for housing asisstance has been set up (Rue Hollerich in Luxembourg City) to simplify the administrative procedures connected with State aid in this field.

The new package will make it possible to improve the quality of life in the Grand Duchy generally since it will help curb CO2 emissions - 15% of which is produced by housing, particularly if it is more than 30 years old. This will have an impact on the activity of the Grand Duchy's SMBs. And it will also enable residents to save energy and hence reduce their bills! 

(article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 20-01-2017