It's the time of year for Fiederwäissen!

07-fiederwaissenThis typically Luxembourgish treat will be available in the Grand Duchy's supermarkets from 7 October*. Fiederwäissen is the first wine of the season, giving us a foretaste of the year's vintage.


A wine with a fruity bouquet

Before fermentation, grape juice has its own distinctive flavour, depending on the grape variety. It is only when the yeasts develop and fermentation starts that it takes on a taste similar to boiled chestnuts. As the process continues and alcohol develops, the fruity flavour starts getting a dry alcohol note. It is this short period of fermentation that gives Fiederwäissen its unique flavour: very fruity and slightly acidic. And unlike other wines, which are always filtered, Fiederwäissen retains its naturally misty appearance.


To be consumed quickly!

Fiederwäissen traditionally goes on sale a few days after the start of the grape harvest; it's a wine that needs to be consumed quickly. Once it starts to clear up (as the impurities and yeasts sink to the bottom of the bottle), it's time to stop drinking it and wait for next year's Feiderwäissen.

Note that, even though it's a white wine, it shouldn't be stored in the fridge, as it loses all of its flavour that way. In fact, it should be drunk at room temperature (about 20° C). And don't worry about its refreshing taste! It will be perfectly fine!


*date of distribution by Domaines Vinsmoselle du Luxembourg The availability of Fiederwäissen depends on each vintner; you may be able to find it earlier or later in places such as bars and restaurants.  

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  • Updated 28-09-2016