2016 'Luxembourg in figures' has just been published

The latest edition of the country's main statistical indicators has just been published.

28-luxChiffresENThe 2016 version of the annual booklet published by Statec (the Grand Duchy's national institute of statistics and economic studies) has just been published. It is in a practical pocket-sized format, easy to carry about, in three languages: French, English, and German.

Its 52 pages cover 35 main topics, ranging from the Grand Duchy's climate to employment, health, and travel, and including such broad subjects as public finance, transport, craft industries, and agriculture – thousands of statistics about the Grand Duchy, brought together in one booklet!

Some of the data is made more comprehensible by maps and charts, and comparisons with other EU countries are also included. Use and reproduction of the data are authorised, subject - naturally - to citing the source of the information. 

The free booklet has been circulated throughout the Grand Duchy and elsewhere in Europe since the 1960s. It is available online; you can also find it on your mobile phone using the LuxStats app, available in French and English, for more explanations and more illustrations.


What is Statec?

It is an official administration, governed by the Grand Duchy's Ministry of the Economy, which produces and circulates high-quality statistics on Luxembourg society to individuals and to the country's public- and private-sector decision-makers. Statec coordinates the Grand Duchy's system of statistics, which is organised according to the principle of centralisation.

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  • Updated 29-09-2016