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The Grand Duchy among the top ten of expats' favourite countries

According to the third edition of the InterNations annual report, the Grand Duchy attracts a large number of expats.

30-expats-2016-listeactusThe ranking is based on a survey of expats who awarded marks to various aspects of expat life (quality of life, family life, cost of living, etc.) in 67 destinations worldwide.

Like last year, Malta is in second place and Ecuador in third place at the top of the list of the countries expats appreciate most; Mexico has ceded its place in the top slot to Taiwan.

The Grand Duchy ranks ninth worldwide

According to InterNations (a global network of expats), the Grand Duchy stands in 9th place in the 2016 global ranking of the best destinations for expats. It is well ahead of its neighbours - Germany is in 17th place, Belgium in 39th, and France in 41st place. Within Europe, the Grand Duchy stands in third position overall.

Two major advantages for expats: security and employment

The survey, for which about 14,000 expats were polled, reveals that what people like most about the Grand Duchy and what attracts them to the country are: security in terms of quality of life, and job security in terms of employment.

The Grand Duchy is most competitive in the 'working abroad' index, with an overall ranking of first place worldwide (in front of Germany in 3rd place, Belgium in 27th, and France in 42nd place) and occupies a position in the top ten for three sub-indexes: the Grand Duchy comes out top for 'job security', 4th for 'work-life balance', and 6th for 'job and career'.

79% of expats in the Grand Duchy (8% more than in 2015) consider the work-life balance very satisfactory, compared with a global average of only 60%.
81% of those questioned appreciated the level of job security in the Grand Duchy, and 71% said they had decided to move to the Grand Duchy because of its favourable employment market.

There are still some areas with room for improvement

According to the expats polled, there are nevertheless still a few areas where improvements could be made. Mention is made, for example, of the cost of living (for which the Grand Duchy ranks 63rd), feeling welcome, the friendliness of the locals, and making friends, for which the Grand Duchy ranks 43rd, 41st and 57th in the global list. According to the report, in the 'quality of life' section, leisure activities and personal satisfaction could also be improved in the Grand Duchy.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu / Sources: Competitiveness Observatory and InterNations.org)

  • Updated 30-09-2016