Publication of the 9th GII edition: Luxembourg is in good shape

The ninth edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII) was published in August 2016 by the Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

European Innovation ScoreboardThe GII, which has been published every year since 2007, is a comparison tool used by company executives, shareholders and other interested parties who try to evaluate the global situation of innovation.

The GII creates a ranking of the innovative capacities and performances of countries, an essential factor of a country's sustainable growth. This 2016 edition of the study includes 128 countries and is based on a total of 82 indicators.

Luxembourg better than 2 of its neighbouring countries

As last year, we find Switzerland (score of 66.28/100), Sweden (63.57) and the UK (61.93) in the lead.

Luxembourg is in 12th position worldwide with a score of 57.11/100, ahead of France (18th) and Belgium (23rd). In Europe, it comes in 9th position. Germany globally ranks 10th.

This study goes beyond the indicators traditionally used to measure R&D and innovation (such as spending on R&D, the number of scientific publications, etc.) and thus focuses more on the interaction between the various agents of the innovation system (companies, public sector, higher education and society). Subsequently the authors summarize the performance measured through various composite indices, including the Global Innovation Index (GII). The composite index GII, which can get a score between 0 and 100, is calculated based on two sub-indices: innovation system inputs and outputs.

Global 3rd rank for outputs

With a score of 56.54, Luxembourg is ranked 23rd in the world for inputs (institutions: 19th; human capital and research: 33rd; infrastructure: 27th; development of markets: 69th; development of companies: 2nd).

With a score of 57.57, Luxembourg is ranked 3rd in the world for outputs (knowledge and technology: 11th; creative results: 2nd). Thus, Luxembourg ranks better than Germany (8th), the Netherlands (9th), Belgium (18th) and France (19th).

By making the ratio of these two sub-indices, the authors also calculate an index (Outputs / Inputs) to assess the effectiveness of innovation systems and policies implemented. With a ratio of 1.02 Luxembourg ranks 1st globally, followed by Malta (0.98) and Iceland (0.98).

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal Source: INSEAD/Cornell/WIPO (2016)) 

  • Updated 30-09-2016