Pol Cruchten creates a stir in Brazil!

On Sunday 21 August 2016, the film 'Voices from Chernobyl' directed by Luxembourger Pol Cruchten won the grand prize 'Cora Coralina' at the 18th International Environmental Film and Video Festival (FICA) in Brazil.

la-supplication-2016-listeactusAnother award for the Luxembourgish documentary film!

Selected among 350 productions in total, Pol Cruchten's 90-minute feature film was able to once again make a difference, by winning the highest award at the 2016 FICA. The jury emphasised the poetic vision of the film that transcends the harshness of reality.

The film 'Voices from Chernobyl' now boasts 3 international awards: the FICA's prize 'Cora Coralina' in Brazil, the grand prize of the FIFE in France and the prize for best documentary at the MSPIFF in the United States.


What is the movie about?

Adapted from the eponymous novel by Svetlana Alexievitch, the film is not about Chernobyl itself, but the world of Chernobyl. It reveals poignant testimonies of scientists, teachers, journalists, couples and children who talk about their daily lives before and after the disaster of 1986.

The feature film was launched in Luxembourg's cinemas last 27 April, and will come out in France next 23 November. Moreover, it will soon feature on the TV station Arte.


Who is Pol Cruchten?

A graduate of the Ecole supérieure d'études cinématographiques in Paris, this is not the first masterpiece by this Luxembourgish director and producer. He is already well-known for some of his productions, such as 'Hochzäitsnuecht' who was awarded at the 1992 Saarbrücken Festival, 'Boys on the run' (2001) featuring Ron Perlman and James Lafferty, and 'Perl oder Pica' (2006) which was a favourite with the Luxembourgish public.

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  • Updated 05-10-2016