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The 676th edition of the Schueberfouer

From 19 August until 7 September, the largest funfair in Luxembourg and the Greater Region is back with 20 days of fun

Schueberfouer1-listeactus This year, the Schueberfouer takes place from 19 August to 7 September, at the Glacis as always. Over 2 million visitors are going to want to visit this event, and they all come to enjoy the festive atmosphere of this national funfair, with its 190 attractions, its animation, its numerous culinary delights and not to forget its majestic ferris wheel.

The Schueberfouer, that's 20 days of traditional festival like there are few in the country. Founded in the 14th century by the then count of Luxembourg and king of Bohemia, the Schueberfouer, also called 'Schuebi' or 'Fouer' in short, was established on the Glacis in 1610. It goes without saying that this is Luxembourg's oldest and most popular funfair.

What to experience?

Having fun

The Schueberfouer is a funfair that hosts rides, games and loteries, culinary delights, drink stands and an alley with commercial stands on the ancient fortress glacis, converted into a car park. With its 32 rides, 22 rides for children, its 60 raffle and shooting stands, there's something for everybody.

Culinary delights

With its dozen of large restaurants, its 40 refreshment stands and its 18 stands selling sweets, you are certain to find something to your taste! Luxembourg's own specialties are also represented with:

  • the Fouerfësch (whiting cooked in beer yeast, generally served with chips and a dry Moselle wine)
  • Gromperekichelcher (potato fritters)
  • Kiermesham (traditional Luxembourg ham)
  • Kiermeskuch (soft cake with raisins)

For those with a sweet tooth, we recommend one of the delicious fruit skewers dipped in white chocolate. A true delight!


Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and discover the alleys of the Schueberfouer, alone or with friends, which attractions and stalls from Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland have taken over.

Get tempted in the shopping mile on the Allée Scheffer with its 90 stalls and, why not?, take away a souvenir or two!

What's new this year?

8 new attractions: 'Live Horror Show', 'Die große Geisterbahn', 'Mille Pattes' (for kids), 'XD Theater', 'Hangover', 'Crazy Outback', 'Mini-Quad' (for kids) 'Thriller'.

9 attractions which are back in 2016: 'Circus circus', 'Looping the Loop', 'Spinning Racer', 'Alex Airport', 'Frisbee', 'Le cirque', 'Avenger', 'Happy Sailor' and 'Après Ski Party'.

Find all the information about the Fouer's attractions here: Schueberfouer attractions.

A new bookmarking-system for the Schueberfouer-app: it is now possible to mark attractions, favourite restaurants or other points of interest with a star to find them more easily.

Stay connected!

Like in every year, the Schueberfouer has a free mobile application available to get information about the event in real time (available on iOS and Android). Find restaurants and snack bars, drinking fountains or toilets, view calendar and special days, get information about attractions and much other practical information to facilitate your visit.

And do not forget that since 2015, the entire city of Luxembourg is covered by a free wireless network, 'CITYWIFI', which allows you to wander around while having the ability to surf the internet. Simply register online www.citywifi.lu and that's it.

What about mobility?

The City of Luxembourg advises visitors to take advantage of its service of free shuttle buses, which will run every ten minutes between the main car parks in Luxembourg City (Bouillon, Stade, Kirchberg and Luxembourg-Sud) and the Glacis.

There are also several other parkings available in the area:

  • Place de l'Europe car park (850 spaces), 3 minutes from the special Schueberfouer fair shuttle
  • Stade car park (400 spaces), 5 minutes using public transportation to the fair or a 15-20 minutes walk
  • Knuedler car park (350 spaces), 15 minutes walk from the fair
  • Monterey car park (340 spaces), 3 minutes using public transportation or 10 minutes walk from the fair
  • Trois Glands car park (525 spaces), 3 minutes from the fair using public transportation
  • Adenauer car park (414 spaces), 6 minutes from the fair using public transportation

The dynamic parking system (Parkleitsystem) guides drivers to available parking facilities.

From the 'Hamilius' bus stop in the city centre, you can reach the Glacis within 10 minuts using public transportation, while it will take you some 12 minutes from the cetral train station. For more information, visit www.mobiliteit.lu.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu; Sources: press release by the City of Luxembourg and www.fouer.lu)

  • Updated 08-09-2016