Luxembourg, an attractive city for the holidays

Would you spend your holiday in Luxembourg? TNS Ilres gives us the answer.

The survey institute TNS Ilres just published the results of a survey carried out in Luxembourg in July 2016 with about 500 participating Luxembourg residents over the age of 16. TNS asked the following question: 'Is Luxembourg an attractive holiday destination?'

What do you think? The answer was a clear Yes, with 90%.

According to 71% of respondents, Luxembourg's biggest asset is its cultural offer with, for example, castles, monuments and museums. Hiking is cited in second position as one of Luxembourg's strongpoints.

36% of the panel also mentions sports activities, such as cycling or swimming, as another advantage of Luxembourg. 34% mention the culinary offer and 19% cite shopping as a major asset for spending a great vacation in the country.

And, since the cultural offer seems to be what draws most people to Luxembourg City, here is the link to our website's daily cultural agenda: Cultural Agenda of the Day. You'll find all the activities and events taking place at the moment!

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  • Updated 05-10-2016