Olympic Games Rio 2016

Athlete's portrait: young swimmer Julie Meynen

J-Meynen-portrait-liste-actusAt only 18 years (her 19th birthday is on 15 August), Julie Meynen, hailing from Ettelbruck, proudly represents the Luxembourg flag during the 31st Olympic Games in Rio.

Right at the start of her sports career, the swimmer quickly demonstrates her talents at the Games of the Small States of Europe, where she wins 4 gold medals.

In 2014, she participates in the Youth Olympic Games in China, where she finished in honourable fourth position.

In 2015, it's the European Swimming Championships in which she participates, and where she manages to reach the semifinals in the 100m freestyle competition.  This same year, she also manages to reach the finals in the 100m freestyle competition at the Dubai Meeting.

Since January 2016, Julie Meynen has been holding the national records over the 50m and 100m freestyle.


Swimming has been an Olympic discipline since the Athens Games in 1896, the first edition of the modern era. Today, it's one of the disciplines where the highest number of medals is awarded. Swimming is made up of 32 competitions in total. Competitions are divided into semi finals – where the 16 best swimmers compete –, and the finals, where the best 8 swimmers race for a place on the podium. Swimming competitions in Rio are taking place at Barra de Tijijca. This is a temporary structure which will get dismantled after the end of the Olympic Games. 

  • Updated 11-08-2016