Olympic Games Rio 2016

Athlete's portrait: runner Charline Mathias


Charline Mathias is born on 23 May 1992 in Luxembourg. She is pursuing her studies in Lille (France) at the moment. The current Olympic Games in Rio are her first participation.

At the outset, Charline Mathias practiced half-distance running, but also many other sports, such as horse riding, tennis and swimming. She eventually specialises in athletics with LASEP (League of primary education sports associations). 

In 2009, she wins a gold medal at the GSSE (Games of the Small States of Europe) in the 400m relay competition. In 2013, still at the GSSE, she comes in second place the the 400m, the 800m and the 400m relay. In the 2015 GSSE, she strikes gold at the 88m.

Strengthened by this experience, she establishes a new national record at the 800m during the European Games in Baku, in 2015. In the same year, she participates at the world championships in Beijing.


Athletics is one of the oldest Olympic disciplines, since it was already present at the Games in antiquity. Currently, it is the sport where the most medals can be won at the Olympics – 141 medals in total, including 47 gold medals. Understandably, when one considers that athletics is actually made up of many different sports.

Indeed, the word 'athletics' includes actually a selection of different races: sprints, middle distance races, long distance races, marathon, race walking, hurdles, obstacle course and relay race. It also includes various forms of jumps, such as high jump, long jump, pole vault and triple jump. It also includes several throws, such as discus, javelin, hammer and shot put. Finally, athletics include multi-sports disciplines including some of the above: i.e. decathlon or heptathlon. 

Thus, most athletes have a specialty but practice many of the disciplines inside the field of athletics.

  • Updated 17-08-2016