Olympic Games Rio 2016

Athlete's portrait: tennis player Gilles Müller

G-MullerGilles Müller, also known as 'Mulles' in Luxembourg, was born on 9 May 1983 in Schifflange. At the inauguration of the Olympic Games in Rio, he was given the honour of bearing the flag of Luxembourg.

He discovers his passion for tennis at a very young age and starts playing at the age of barely 5 years. He has been a professional since 2001. He marks his debut with a victory at the US Open Junior Championships and a 2nd place at the Junior Wimbledon tournament, followed by the title of Junior World Champion; a very promising start for the young Luxembourger.

In his career, he has so far managed to eliminate great tennis players such as Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick and Rafael Nadal. He improves its performance over the years to rank 34th in the ATP ranking in 2015.

His strong point are balls which come in at an extraordinary high speeds (over 190 km/h), especially since he is left-handed. But it is his tenacity that made him a legendary player: he is able to cope with match points without getting upset, and has proven that he is able to find his way back into the game, even if he finds himself two sets back.


Tennis was an Olympic sport from 1896 to 1924, then disappeared from the event for 60 years, until 1984. Since then, tennis has been on the programme with five different events: men and women's singles and doubles respectively, and a mixed double tournament. Tennis events are held at the Olympic Tennis Centre which consists of a stadium of 10,000 seats and fourteen outside courts. This complex is part of Barra Olympic Park, the main venue of the Olympic Games. The trials begin on 6 August with the men's singles, in which Gilles Müller participates. 

  • Updated 12-08-2016