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Gare Art Festival - creation in the heart of the city

Six artists from all over the world will be taking part in the 16th edition of this international sculpture symposium

Gareart 2015 - du 31.07 au 24.09Starting on 29 July 2016, the public will be able to watch the artists involved in the Gare Art Festival 2016 while they work. During the first part of the festival, the artists will work in a public place on a material decided in advance; each artist will work in his or her own personal way. For 2016, the material selected is paperclay. The results of the work will be on display beneath the glass canopy of the central railway station in Luxembourg City from 5 August to 22 September 2016.

They start work in the morning: Michael Levchenko (Ukraine), Bogdan Adrian Lefter (Romania), Maurizio Perron (Italy), Placido Rodriguez (Spain), Doris Becker (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) and Nicole Huberty (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) - the six artists taking part in this year's Gare Art Festival. Installed near the station in Luxembourg City - on the Place de Paris - the artists have the benefit of an ambiance that is very different from that of their studios: because passers-by will be able to watch them as their works take shape.

Dialogue between artist and spectator

This configuration logically enables the general public to enter into contact with the sculptors, who come from all over the world: not only the Grand Duchy, but also Italy, Romania, Spain and Ukraine. Whether they observe or enter into direct dialogue, the Gare Art Festival is an unusual event for spectators.

The official opening of the Gare Art Festival will take place at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, 2 August, on the Place de Paris.

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  • Updated 28-07-2016