ARTWiltz 2016 - open-air art

Until 17 September 2016, sculptures will transform Wiltz into an open-air museum

Art Wiltz 2016When monumental sculptures are being presented in a natural space or an urban context, they create a much more intense effect that if they were on display in a museum or gallery – thus the conclusion of the exhibition ARTWiltz 4, which takes place in the context of the Wiltz Festival. The open-air exhibition thus provides the scenery necessary for the staging of monumental sculptures made of wood or steel. It takes place from 1 July until 17 September 2016.

And sculptors take full advantage of the space at their disposal: the locations are spread around Wiltz castle's surroundings. They therefore invade the public space that is already being used for other cultural activities, and enter into dialogue with the various events, such as the Festival of Wiltz.

ARTWiltz brings together works by sculptors Jhemp Bastin (LU), who creates monumental sculptures from wood, Christophe Mancke (DE) and Laurent Nunziatini (FR), whose basis materials are steel.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the City of Wiltz, the Tourist Board and mediArt.

(article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu / Sources: www.mediart.lu; press release by the Wiltz Municipality)

  • Updated 26-07-2016