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RETEL - new issue of the Luxembourg employment market scoreboard

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RETEL - Nouveau numéro du tableau de bord du marché de l’emploi luxembourgeoisThe RETEL (study network on the labour market and employment; réseau d'étude sur le marché du travail et de l'emploi) has just released the fifth issue of its scoreboard on employment. This quarterly scoreboard aims to present indicators on labour flows (hires and contract terminations) and to provide a better analysis of the dynamics of the Luxembourg labour market.

Increasing employment figures

This issue presents the figures for the period from January 2015 to January 2016: over 131,700 recruitments and more than 120,300 contract terminations were registered for that period. There was an increase of 6.2% for recruitment compared to figures from March 2014 to March 2015, and an increase of 4.9% for contract terminations.

With 12,800, 10,600, 10,300 and 9,900 recruitments respectively, the retail, construction, specalised activities and accommodation and gastronomy sectors are those who recruited most between January 2015 and January 2016. It is also in these sectors that the largest number of contract terminations took place. In all of the surveyed sectors, there were more recruitments than contract terminations, i.e. all of the sectors created employment, even though on different scales.

A new indicator: recruitments paid at or near the minimum wage

Each dashboard provides a new indicator. This time, it's the recruitments of non-interim wage labour paid at or near the minimum wage. The share of recruitments paid at or near the minimum wage amounts to 33.5%, which is much higher than that observed in the stock of jobs. Nearly a third of recruitments paid near the minimum wage (32%) are concentrated in two sectors, which together account for just over 20% of total recruitments. These are the retail and accommodation and gastronomy sectors.

(Source: Statec press release)

  • Updated 01-10-2016