Luxembourg in 9th position on the European Innovation Scoreboard

The Grand-Duchy excels at research systems and its innovators

European Innovation ScoreboardIn July 2016, the European Commission published a new edition of its European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS). According to the scoreboard, Luxembourg comes in 9th position among the 28 member states of the European Union, as far as innovation is concerned.

In the 2016 edition, the EU ranking is led by Sweden (0.704), followed by Denmark (0.700) and Finland (0.649). Germany ranks 4th (0.632) and the Netherlands rank 5th (0.631). The countries in this group are considered to be the 'Innovation Leaders'. Luxembourg (9th; 0.598), Belgium (7th; 0.602) and France (11th; 0.568) are in the second category of 'Strong Innovators', a category where most of the countries have comparable performance values.

In the 8 innovation dimensions, Luxembourg reaches the following scores:

  • Tools: Human resources (0.431), Open, excellent and attractive research systems (0.771), Finance and support (0.372);
  • Company Activities: Firm investments (0.136), Linkages & entrepreneurship (0.554), Intellectual assets (0.720);
  • Results: Innovators (0.704), Economic effects (0.742).

The report further notes about Luxembourg that the country 'is a Strong Innovator. [...] The performance relative to the EU has declined over time from 28% above the EU in 2008 to about 15% above the EU in 2015. Luxembourg performs best on the dimensions Open and excellent research systems and Innovators. Relative strengths for Luxembourg at the indicator level are Community trademarks, International scientific co-publications, Community designs, and License and patent revenues from abroad. Luxembourg performs well below the average on the dimension Firm investments, in particular at the indicator level on Non-R&D innovation expenditures.

Performance in Luxembourg's research system has been growing strongly (9.3%), mainly because of high growth in International scientific co-publications (15%) and Most cited publications (11%). Strong declines are observed in Venture capital investments (-28%), Non-R&D innovation expenditures (-23%) and R&D expenditures in the business sector (-9.7%).

(Source: press release by the Observatory for Competitiveness / European Commission 2016)

  • Updated 01-10-2016