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2016 Al Dikkrich

The famous festival takes place from 7 to 12 July

Al DikkrichHow about a drink with friends in a casual surrounding? The place to be this weekend is at the 'Al Dikkrich' in Diekirch! From 7 to 12 July 2016, meet your friends in the historic town center for a beer – from the local brewery, obviously – and spend an evening together in a friendly party atmosphere.

An unavoidable event since 1968

The popular festival is organised in July every year since 1968 by the 'Amis du Vieux Diekirch' (Friends of Old Diekirch). For five days, the charm of the old town of the Ardennes city is going to attract you: in fact, a great number of events, including cultural, are planned. Visitors may visit exhibitions and attend concerts by various brass bands, orchestras and music ensembles.

Some events are almost tradition, such as the procession with married couples, the symbolic handing over of the keys to the city in the hands of the ' Al Dikkrich' council of aldermen or the tournament 'Konter a Mit' – a typical Luxembourgish card game.

One town, lots of assets

Of course, Diekirch is not only famous for its popular festival. Did you know that its historical centre is built on remains from the Roman period? Ancient tombs and mosaics have been found in the picturesque town. In addition to its History Museum, which is where the old mosaics are nowadays housed, the National Conservatory of Historical Vehicles and particularly the National Museum of Military History attract many visitors.

The Diekirch brewery, well-known for its popular beers even outside the Grand Duchy, is intimately linked to the history of the town. At the Museum of Brewing History in Diekirch visitors may see artefacts that evidence its long history.

Have we convinced you? See you in Diekirch this weekend, then!

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal www.luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 08-07-2016