It's the holidays!

Most of the primary and secondary schools have closed their doors for the summer

09-vacancesSoon the summer holidays are going to start For some 40.000 students of the secondary schools, the holidays have just started, while the primary school pupils are going to have to wait until 16 July. At that moment, all of Luxembourg's state schools are going to close their doors until 15 September 2016, and students are finally going to be free to enjoy their summer holidays to the fullest. What's in store for them? Two months of fun, leisure, and all kinds of adventures. Are you lacking ideas? Read this!

Holiday activities for children and young people

In Luxembourg, children and young people have the choice of many holiday activities offered by the various youth associations. Here are some of the best known activities:

  • 'Aktioun Bambesch': holiday activities for kids between the ages of 5 and 12 years living in Luxembourg City;
  • 'Summerakademie': summer school organised by the European Circle for the Proliferation of Art (Cercle Européen pour la Propagation des Arts, CEPA), offering art classes for children and young people;
  • 'SDS Sportswochen' (sport weeks): sports camps for young people aged 11 to 17 years;
  • Holiday camps: The website www.colonies.lu gives you details about all the holiday camps for children and young people in the Grand Duchy.

Many municipalities and/or their day-care centres (maisons relais) organise activities during the summer holidays;

Guides and Scouts also organise their own camps, which are, however, mostly reserved to their members.

For young people who would like to find a job, have a look at our page about 'Jobs and internships for students'.

Discover Luxembourg with your family

But the holidays also offer the opportunity to discover the Grand Duchy with your whole family.

Our pages about 'Family and children' provide useful information regarding:

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  • Updated 30-06-2016