Cultural offer in the Grand Duchy - international, and much appreciated

A study commissioned by the Ministry of Culture analyses the importance of culture in the Grand Duchy

Concert sur la Place Guillaume IIWhether it's for concerts of classic or contemporary music, drama, or cinema evenings - in the Grand Duchy, culture takes centre stage! The two years during which Luxembourg City was European Capital of Culture (1995 and 2007) definitely contributed to the dramatic increase in cultural events in the Grand Duchy, and stimulated demand as well. With the Grand Duchy scheduled to become European Capital of Culture again in 2022, the results of a survey carried out by TNS-Ilres under commission from the Ministry of Culture paint a picture of a multicultural Grand Duchy with a strong character of its own, where supply and demand coexist at a high level.

A growing number of events to satisfy an increasing demand

In the survey, 67% of those asked said that culture was very important or extremely important for the future of society in the Grand Duchy, a figure that proves that culture in the Grand Duchy is far from being marginal.

According to the study, 78% of people living in the Grand Duchy, both Luxembourgers and foreigners, assess the cultural offer in the Grand Duchy over the past ten years as positive or even very positive. While this result, based partly on the popularity of two key institutions on the cultural scene in the Grand Duchy which both celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2015 (the Philharmonie and the Rockhal), is not expressed in the study, there is no doubt that these two focal centres of cultural production in the Grand Duchy are among the best known.

The Philharmonie (34%) and the Rockhal (13%) are indeed among the leaders as far as the best-known cultural structures in the Grand Duchy are concerned. The other structures that survey interviewees named without prompting were the Museum of Modern Art Grand-Duc Jean (MUDAM) (40%) and Luxembourg's City's Grand Théâtre (20%).

71% felt that the cultural offer in the Grand Duchy was far from being a poor second as compared to other countries. And many Luxembourgers have indeed taken advantage of the offer over the past twelve months, particularly in going to the cinema (86%), visiting one or other of the historic sites scattered all over the Grand Duchy (86%), attending a concert (77%), visiting one of the many museums (77%) or an exhibition (74%), or going to see a play (58%).

Luxembourgish artists not well known

While the Grand Duchy's cultural venues are well-known, the same cannot be said for it artists. 44% of the survey interviewees were not able to come up with the name of a Luxembourgish artist without prompting. The best-known of those who were named were singer Serge Tonnar, actor Thierry van Werveke, singer Fausti, and actress Désirée Nosbusch.

So what about the Grand Duchy's own brand of culture? While 92% think that the Grand Duchy has its own culture, and 96% say that the existence of its own brand of culture is important in the Grand Duchy, 78% are of the opinion that multiculturality is the most important feature of culture in the Grand Duchy, followed by 'varied', 'open', 'friendly' and 'dynamic' - words demonstrating that the international nature of the cultural scene in the Grand Duchy is a major factor in its success.

After the survey

The results of the survey have been presented in advance of the cultural conference (assises culturelles) to be held on 1 and 2 July 2016, which will be dealing with other topics in relation to the perception and importance of culture in the Grand Duchy, including patronage, the importance of transmitting culture at school, promoting creation, and working as an artist.

Another upcoming event that will have an impact on the cultural offer in the Grand Duchy is the European Capital of Culture 2022, which the Grand Duchy will be sharing with Lithuania; the plan put forward by the town of Esch and its surrounding region has been shortlisted.

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  • Updated 01-10-2016