A cluster for creative industries in the Grand Duchy!

The Secretary of State of the Economy has announced the creation of a cluster to bring together the national key players

Creative ClusterClusters have been set up in the Grand Duchy for years: Cluster for Logistics, Automotive Cluster, Space Cluster, ICT Cluster – a growing number of initiatives aimed at bringing together all the players, both private and public, in a specific field. The announcement by Secretary of State of the Economy Francine Closener of the creation of a cluster for the creative industries adds a new cluster to the already impressive list, and shows how successful the concept is.

The new cluster will bring together private and public players in the field of the creative industries. Aimed at professionals in creative industries, the cluster will serve as a platform with the purpose to provide support for the economic development of the sector, which covers the activities in the fields of architecture, crafts and art, cinematography, design, games, marketing and communication, fashion, and the new media.

What's a cluster?

A cluster is a grouping of private and public players in one of the key sectors of the Grand Duchy's economy that have been identified as being particularly important for the sustainable development of the country's economy. In this context, the Luxembourg Cluster Initiative was launched in 2002 as a key element of national policy on research and development. So it's not surprising that the initiative is headed by the national agency for innovation and research, Luxinnovation.

Each cluster works to encourage communication and the pooling of knowledge among its members so that new collaborative projects can be identified and developed at the national, European or international level, and to boost the visibility of the Grand Duchy's technological and scientific know-how.

The cluster's members are private businesses, sector-based or nation-wide associations and federations, public actors as well as public research organisations and strategic partners, namely the ministries concerned and the National Research Fund (Fonds national de recherche, FNR).

The initiative has grown over the years, and currently brings together a list of sector-based clusters representing the emerging and innovative areas of the Grand Duchy's economy.

(Article produced by the editors of the portal www.luxembourg / Source: press release from the Ministry of the Economy)

  • Updated 01-10-2016