Official inauguration of the 'Place du Luxembourg' at the Europa-Park Rust

The theme park highlights the traditions, customs as well as certain cultural and musical characteristics of the Grand Duchy

Inauguration de la "Place du Luxembourg" au Europapark à RustAttracting nearly 5.5 million visitors annually, the Europa-Park in Rust in Baden-Wurttemberg is the largest entertainment complex in Germany and one of the most visited amusement parks in Europe. During a Luxembourg celebration held during the weekend of 11 and 12 June 2016, the theme park showcased the traditions, customs and certain cultural and musical characteristics of the Grand Duchy.

On this occasion, the square in front of the Historama, at the centre of the Europa-Park, which is being used for spectacles, officially became the 'Lëtzebuerger Plaz' during an inauguration ceremony. The square hosts a large bronze statue of Melusine. It boasts the colours of the national flag, and showcases many features that are symbolic for Luxembourg. In its centre, the Luxembourg coat-of-arms is laid out in stone.

The official representative of the government, the Secretary of State for the Economy Francine Closener said in her address: 'Thanks to site's the owner Roland Mack for offering Luxembourg the opportunity to be part of the first seasonal amusement park in the world. Through this presence, the Grand Duchy is given the opportunity of presenting itself to a large audience as a profoundly European and welcoming country, i.e. as a very good place to live. I invite park visitors to come and discover the many assets that make Luxembourg a tourist destination of choice.'

Many guests of honour from Luxembourg had made the trip in Rust for the opening ceremony, e.g. actor Tommy Schlesser, the Minister for Family and Integration, Minister for the Greater Region, Corinne Cahen, the current Miss Luxemburg Ada Strock or actress and presenter Désirée Nosbusch.

(Source: press release of the Ministry of the Economy)

  • Updated 01-10-2016