A festival centered on monodrama

The 7th edition of the Fundamental Monodrama Festival, held from 10 to 21 June 2016

Levée de rideau pour la 7e édition du "Fundamental Monodrama"!'Monodrama' means a dramatic work performed by a single actor. All the attention focuses on that one person's movements and speech. And, as the programming for the Fundamental Monodrama Festival proves once again, the genre encompasses a surprising variety, in terms of both themes and adaptation, with performances positioned somewhere between theatre and dance.

Monodrama is far from being a well-known theatre genre, in either the Grand Duchy or elsewhere. So it's particularly interesting that the Grand Duchy has a whole festival devoted to it. The Fundamental Monodrama Festival invites fans of the genre and anyone else of any age who is curious to find out more to come and see more than twenty shows.

This year, it's the Luxembourg production 'Dans les yeux du ciel' from Rachid Benzine with Valérie Bodson which opens the festival. It tells the 'Arab Spring' from the point of view of a prostitute. Furthermore, the programme presents international artists with plays that have very different topics, namely "Tagebuch eines Wahnsinnigen" from Nikolai Gogol with Samuel Finzi, an actor known from several German TV-series, of which 'Flemming'.

In addition to these 'centre stage' performances, the festival also consists of smaller, but still very interesting sections, like 'Minimono' - plays for children, and 'Monolabo' - plays producing young actors.

All of this takes place at three different venues: at the Banannefabrik in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie, the Kasemattentheater in Luxembourg City-Bonnevoie and the Kulturhaus in Niederanven.

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  • Updated 10-06-2016