3 minutes to explore a universe

The Très Court International Film Festival takes place in Luxembourg for the fourth time

The 2016 edition of the Festival des Très Courts takes place from 3 to 12 June, a joined event in almost 80 cities throughout the world. 150 movies will be shown in 3 competitions and throughout 4 thematic programmes.

The idea was born in Paris in 1999, and since 2013, the 'very-short-film' virus has spread to Luxembourg. On Friday 10 June 2016, the Très Court International Film Festival takes also place for the fourth time at the cinema Ciné Utopia in Luxembourg. The flagship programme of the festival is the international competition, about fifty movies of less than 3 minutes (excluding title and credits) representing the best and above all the shortest of the global audiovisual production of the year.

These films are part of the international programme of the festival, whose entries are going to be screened in not less than 30 countries around the globe.

The choice of the movies was made by an international jury, chaired by French actress Aure Atika.

Classic, but above all short

Over 3.000 entries were screened by the jury for the 2016 edition of the festival. Productions that do not exceed three minutes (excluding title and credits), but may nevertheless be classified among the classical genres: animation films, documentaries and fictions.

Taking up the challenge to create a universe in under three minutes? Meet at the cinema Ciné Utopia on Friday 10 June 2016 in order to discover a part of the 'very' short movies.

(Source: Press release by Utopia S.A./Press kit of the 2016 edition)

  • Updated 01-10-2016