Capital city

Sixteen pianos to brighten up the city

The project 'My Urban Piano' come to Luxembourg City

Incitation aux micro-concerts - les pianos publicsYou dream of yourself as a piano virtuoso and you would like to seduce the public? Or you have a spontaneous idea for a little melody? Then take a seat at one of the 16 pianos which will be in town from 3 to 19 June 2016 and enrich Luxembourg City with your play.

After its huge success in 2014 and 2015, the City of Luxembourg and its Tourist Office are happy to announce that the 'My Urban Piano Luxembourg' project will take place again this year.

From 3 to 19 June 2016, sixteen pianos, including one mobile piano, will be installed in the streets, tourist areas, neighbourhoods and parks of the Grand Duchy's capital, brightening up these public areas. Whether you are an amateur or a serious musician, for two weeks you are invited to improvise a micro-concert and bring the capital city alive to the sound of the piano.

'My Urban Piano Luxembourg' is intended to be an annual participatory event, like other projects focusing on the piano in other capital cities all over the world. The final concert of 'My Urban Piano' is going to take place on Sunday, 19 June at 3 p.m. at the place Guillaume II with 16 students of the Luxembourg City Conservatory, who will play on four pianos (duration: +/- 1 hour). Entrance is free!

And here's where you'll find the pianos:

  • Kyosk - Parc Coque, Kirchberg 
  • Parc Trois Glands / Place de l' Europe, Kirchberg
  • Findel - Luxembourg airport
  • Place du Parc / Cour du couvent, Bonnevoie
  • Villa Vauban, town centre
  • The Bock cliff, old town
  • Centre du Rham, Cents
  • Théâtre des Capucins, Centre
  • Building of the elevator which connects the upper town with the GrundParc Ed Klein, Centre
  • Campus Geesseknäppchen, Merl
  • Place des Martyrs, StationNeimënster, Grund
  • Foyer et classe de transition, Gasperich
  • Mobile piano
  • Rue de la reine, Centre
  • Luxembourg City train station

Calling all video fans

Throughout the period from 3 to 19 June 2016, anyone uploading a clip on Facebook or YouTube of a micro-concert or piano-based event tagged with the key word 'luxembourgcity' could win an iPad. To take part, just send the link to the clip to the address with the name, address and phone number of the person who filmed the clip.

Associations associated with the event

Although 'Play me, I'm yours' is a participatory project, the pianos have been decorated - in a pretty original fashion, as you will find - in collaboration with a number of associations. And at the end of the project, the pianos are to be given to a number of non-profit-making bodies.

The 'Play me, I'm yours' project was founded in 2008 by Luke Jerram. Since then, 1.500 pianos have been installed in 50 cities all over the world. The 2015 event 'My Urban Piano' is a follow-up of this project.

(Source: press release by the City of Luxembourg)

  • Updated 09-06-2016