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Take back the streets for Neighbours' Day

On 27 May, the street is going to be where the neighbourhood meets

Fête des voisins 2016Fancy socialising with your neighbours? You'd like to meet the neighbours you talk little to, or who have just arrived? On 27 May 2016, the European Neighbours' Day is the occasion to meet up. The day is going to be soon, but it's not too late to organise a get-together on the street!

Practical help to support your efforts

Thus, the Luxembourgish Association for Proximity Solidarities (Association luxembourgeoise des solidarités de proyimité, ALSP) offers you a simple checklist in order to organise your street fest. Above all, do no forget that the communal effort should be at the centre of the day. So, don't be shy about contacting your neighbours to take an active part in the organisation. The initiator(s) can even benefit from logistical support from the ALSP (RSVP cards, posters, etc.) an their municipality (tables, chairs, etc.) to meet up for a glass or two, or a barbecue, on the front lawn, or in a public place.

In Luxembourg City however, the neighbours are going to have to be patient: because of the preparation works for the ING Night Marathon, which is going to take place on 28 May, Neighbours' Day has been put off until the weekend of the 10 to 12 June.

11 years of celebrations in Luxembourg!

Initiated in 1999 by a group of friends in Paris, the idea was quickly adopted on a national level, then Europe-wide level in 2004. Since 2005, Neighbours' Day has also been celebrated in Luxembourg. The day's goal is to foster contacts and develop the community spirit in order to break through anonymity and isolation.

In Luxembourg, the celebration is coordinated by the Luxembourgish Association of Proximity Solidarities, supported by the Ministry of Family Affairs and integration and the participating municipalities.

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  • Updated 25-05-2016