Open day at cellars for the 'Wine Taste Enjoy' event.

Discover Luxembourg's wines this weekend

Wine, Taste & Enjoy!Bacchus opens its doors on 15 and 16 May 2016 and gives access to the treasures which wine cellars and distilleries of the Luxembourg Moselle hold. Tasting these products is of course the main part of the event Wine Taste Enjoy, but there's also a programme of music, art exhibitions, culinary specialties and guided visits that will appeal to both young and old.

White, rosé and red wines; Luxembourgish 'crémant' sparkling wine; Luxembourgish 'Drëpp' - the oenological part of the 'Wine, Taste, Enjoy' event organised by the Regional Tourist Office. But the programme, drawn up in collaboration with the Commission de promotion des vins et crémants de Luxembourg (committee for the promotion of Luxembourg's wines and crémants), offers much more than just wine tastings: other regional produce and culinary specialities of the Moselle region will be available at some of the winegrowers' cellars.

Others will offer you a guided tour of their cellars or vineyards, or have organised an art exhibition to mark the event, and will invite you to try out all your senses on this voyage of discovery.

A brochure provides information and guidance

For the occasion, a brochure has been produced, listing not only all the events at the individual cellars and distilleries but also other places of interest - sometimes touristy, sometimes surprising - to encourage you to visit the Luxembourgish part of the Moselle.

Since it's really not a good idea to drink and drive, the brochure also includes the phone numbers of a number of taxi firms, and links to the websites of the various bus companies. Take advantage of the mobility offer in the region to move in complete serenity!

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  • Updated 25-05-2016