Competition 'Mam Vëlo op d'Schaff oder an d'Schoul'

Everybody on your saddle to go to work! (or to school)

Mam Velo op d'Schaff?When was the last time you thought about taking your bike to go to work? Could your children take theirs to go to school? Rethink mobility between 15 May and 31 July 2016, during the 9th edition of 'Mam Vëlo op d'Schaff oder an d'Schoul' (take your bike to work or to school).

Just register online on the event's website and use your bike for at least 15 days during the period between 15 May and 31 July 2016, in order to participate in the draw for the variouns prizes offered by the organiser Verkéiersverbond (transport community). Win a foldable bike, a trip to Paris or many other prizes.

Bikes are ecofriendly

The bike is a means of transport which is ecological, healthy, fast, not cumbersome, cheap and which does not only reduce CO2 emissions, but also your stress. For longer trips, you can easily combine cycling with the public transport system.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a biking country par excellence, not only because of its landscapes and its cycling paths which incite to longer trips, but also through its bicycle rental schemes in all the major cities.

In recent years, the number of people using the bike to get to work has thus increased considerably.

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  • Updated 13-05-2016